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Minister Bo meets with delegation of Japan's Association for the Promotion of International Trade
2007-07-19 08:48
  From:Department of Information Technology    Original:News

On July 17, Minister Bo Xilai met with Japanese trade delegation headed by Yohei Kono, Chairman of Japan's Association for the Promotion of International Trade and Speaker of Japan¨s House of Representatives, in Beijing. Well-known Japanese companies, including Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Isetan, All Nippon Airways (ANA), sent their representatives in the delegation.

Bo reaffirmed the important trade partnership between China and Japan. China treasures the sound economic ties the two countries have developed since China¨s opening-up and reform, and is willing to join Japan in the concerted effort to deepen bilateral cooperation and promote the economic growth of the Asia-Pacific region, Bo said.

Yohei Kono confirmed the importance of China-Japan relationship. Friendly ties between the two countries are not only in line with the best interest of China and Japan, but also in accord with the interest of Asia and the whole world, Yohei Kono said. Complementary economies of the two countries have created a win-win situation in China-Japan trade relationship. China has already grown into the biggest trade partner of Japan, which demands a higher-level cooperation between the two countries.

Bo pointed out that, since Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao¨s visit to Japan in April this year, economic and trade cooperation between the two countries had gained new momentum and reached a new phase. Japanese rice is about to gain access to Chinese market, special airline from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport is to be opened in October, the Second China-Japan Forum on Energy Conservation and Environment Protection is to be held in Beijing this fall, and the First Coal Energy New Industry Expo is to be held in Taiyuan about the same time. China and Japan are poised to strengthen their cooperation in critical fields, such as energy, environment, finance, information industry, and SME.

Bo emphasized the huge market that China holds. China¨s estimated import by 2010 would reach $1 trillion, offering a great opportunity for Japanese enterprises if they can keep their edge in energy conservation and environment protection.

Yohei Kono fully recognized the tremendous potential of Chinese market. Japanese enterprises are very active in developing economic relationship with China, and the two countries are bound to achieve heartening goals in cooperative fields like energy conservation, he said.

The meeting between Minister Assistant Chen Jian and Japanese trade delegation was held on the same day. Chen clarified certain issues that Japanese enterprises were concerned with, such as the concrete measures that China adopts to promote trade balance, Chinese policies to attract foreign investment, and the quality of Chinese export goods.

(Source: English Site of Department of Information Technology)
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