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  TBG Quality Control
  In order to continuely improve the products and services for customers,TBG develos a
reliable quality complete management system,which includes the adoption of QC engineering
diagrams, operating standard manual and testing equipment.
  We analyze every test results to ensure that all products will be at the highest quality. TBG¨s
products undergo strenuous testing procedures that meet or exceed the standards anywhere
else in China or overseas.
  TBG¨s full series of high-voltage support insulators are tested and approved by the China
Electrical entire Research Center, making TBG the first company in China to have passed the
quality requirement for its products. In addition, TBG¨s pneumatic components and wiring
accessories are approved by ISO9001:2000 standard. In October 2001.Furthermore, TBGgained
ISO14001 certificate in 2003.
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